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Watch Repair
Watch & Clock Repair
Expert Watch and Clock Repair
Pocket Watch RepairTo bring a watch or clock in for a repair estimate please feel free to visit the shop during regular hours. If you need to ship the watch or clock be sure to pack it well, in a box, and insure it fully. Please do NOT send watch in its original gift box as our shop cannot guarantee the return of the shipping container. Please include a note with your name, address, phone number and a brief description of the problems or work that you would like performed to your watch or clock. Also, please declare a reasonable replacement value for the watch or clock so that our shop insurance can cover it while it is in our possession. Your watch is fully insured and secure while it is in our possession here at the shop. Feel free to call and discuss any repair before you bring it in or ship it but we will be unable to give an estimate with out having the watch or clock in our hands.

Man at Desk Working on WatchEvery watch and clock that we receive for repair is inspected, evaluated and given a repair number. Before any repairs are made we give a verbal estimate of what the repairs might cost. In most cases the estimate is free However, in some cases where there is considerable labor required in order to generate the estimate there will be a charge based on an hourly rate.

Watch GearsIf the estimate is approved we will give you an idea of the turn around time and will start the job as soon as possible. The turn around time varies depending on the job, availability of parts, etc.

If the estimate is not approved, the watch or clock will be immediately returned to the owner or via USPS upon payment plus a postage and insurance charge ($25 for watches more for clocks). Whether or not any repairs are made, all shipping and insurance charges are the responsibility of the customer.

When the work is completed we will notify you of the total cost for repair and shipping and upon receipt of payment your timepiece will be returned to you via USPS.

House Calls for Grandfather Clocks:
In Home Grandfather Clock RepairInside Gears for Grandfather ClockHouse Calls for clocks are available by appointment and the charge is $125. This charge is for travel time, the cost of transportation, and the time and skill required to provide an estimate. This $125 will be charged whether or not the estimate for repair is accepted and must be paid by check or cash at the time of the house call. Partial jobs and attempts to "get the clock going" are not guaranteed. A thorough job is always recommended, as is regular maintenance. It is not unusual for the repair cost of a modern grandfather clock to be $450-$700 or the repair cost of an antique grandfather clock to be $750-$2000. We will be glad to answer any questions about your clock over the phone but repair estimates cannot be given without inspecting the clock.



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